Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Expectations for this class

My expectations for this class are that I will learn how to design a web site and learn to navigate myself around the internet. But I think i will learn way more than that because Mrs. Bedard is the best teacher in the world and she teaches a lot of good things!! My other expectations are that I will make new friends now that we have a class with the juniors and we will probably make friends on this web site too.

Last year I took business systems and technology so I believe this will be a good follow up instead of taking digital design which I heard was much harder than this calss and that this class better prepares you for digital design. I think I will learn so so much in this class this year. Probably more than I even know right now. But once I find out what i'm going to learn once I myself find out what I will be learning.

Well that is about all my expectations for this class as of now. I will update as I learn more.


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