Wednesday, September 29, 2004


This weekend we had another hurricane! I was like oh great no power for another week. But guess what I never lost power I was so happy! It just flickered a few times but it never went all the way off. And we had satellite the whole time so I was able to watch TV the whole time. And since hardly anyone in Deltona lost power we only missed one day of school which means no going to school on the Fourth of July.
My house didn't get as flooded this time either which is a good thing. Only one horse's stall got flooded and it wasn't like an inch like it was in four stalls during Frances. And we didn't get any wind damge at all so that's good too. They say there is another hurricane forming off the coast off Africa but hopefully it will either stay there or go north like Karl and Lisa did.
On a happier note I am going to a horse show this weekend with my horse who I haven't been able to ride for like 9 months because she had a baby. I hope we are not too rusty and we get right back into the groove of things. After the show I might go to my friend Sarabeth's house and we can go trailriding with our other friend Jordan. There is lots of trails by her house so it will be fun to just relax and chill with my friends after all that's happened this past month.


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