Wednesday, October 20, 2004

HTML's Rule........NOT!!!!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I hate HTMLs because they are so hard and I am not smart enough to do them and I always have to ask for help. There is all these codes that you have to put and it is so confusing and I have four left to do and they are do today so I have to hurry up and finish them.
I went to homecoming on satuday night but my friends and I thought it was rather boring so we went to Rodeo Whip after like an hour, so we left there at like 10:00. We got there late because the people I was going with were running late so we didn't finish dinner until 8:00 which was when the dance started.
On Saturday during the day I went to a horse show with my mom's horse Lily. She normally does really good but on saturday she was PMSing so she was being onery and stubborn. I didn't get but 1 ribbon out of like 6 classes. She decided it was fun to go fast and that is why I didn't get placed in any of my riding classes.


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