Wednesday, October 06, 2004

This week...

This week I learned a lot of things about web pages and how to make them. I thought it was really hard at first but it got easier as I learned more and more. Today we are going to put all we learned together to make one big web page. I am so excited because after i learn how to make a real website my mom said I could make one for our ranch. I am learning so much in this class.
This weekend I went to the doctor because i had been up 4 nights in a row coughing. He said I had bronchitis and he gave me some antibiotics and cough sryup. The antibiotics are pills so they don't have a taste but he gave me cough syrup with kerodine in it and it's really nasty but it works very good. For the past three nights I have only woke up a total of four times all together.
Since I have bronchitis i have been getting out of P.E so that is really cool. Because I am not a big Gym fan, so i guess that is the only advantage of having bronchitis. Our property has been drying out pretty good too,because we haven't been getting a lot of rain. I can finally ride my horse in our arena again. I had a good week!


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