Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Barrel Show

This weekend I had a speed show where I run my horse as fast as she can go around three barrels and a few other events. It was really fun and I did good and placed in all of the events. I have another barrels how this weekend in Pierson but it will only be barrels and no other events and its a money show. That means that if i get placed good or I win then I will get money as a prize!
I also went and saw Christmas with the Kranks, the movie wasn't very good except for a few funny parts, but the film like started messin up real bad and then it caught fire and wen that thing came off the screen it said in case fire please proceed to nearest exit and my friend Abby got up and started to leave and it was really funny.
And next weekend I might get to go to Dixie Stampede with this mounted drill team that I am in and it will be really cool hopefully. I have been having some weird dreams and i can't ever remember them so I hope they stop soon.


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