Wednesday, December 08, 2004

No Go Barrel Show

The barrel show I was supposed to go to on Saturday... yeah well it got cancelled. So my friend Courtney and I drove all the way to Pierson for nothing. Well maybe not nothing. We rode our horses in the arena for about an hour and then we went to Brian's BBQ for lunch which was really good and I helped Courtney with a project that was due Friday and we ate pizza and then she took me home.
I also started doing the mounted drill team again witha horse that we are trying to sell. I really don't want to do it but i know it will be good for the horse and we can sell her for more money and quicker. But a good thing about it is that I get to see all the friends I have that don't go to this school. And we are going to Dixie Stampede on Sunday and we get to go to the Pre-show too.
And on Saturday I am going to a horse judging school that might get me on the horse judging team so I can actually compete on an FFA team for once which will be really cool. I hope that I can amke the Par Pro team for state too.


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