Wednesday, September 29, 2004


This weekend we had another hurricane! I was like oh great no power for another week. But guess what I never lost power I was so happy! It just flickered a few times but it never went all the way off. And we had satellite the whole time so I was able to watch TV the whole time. And since hardly anyone in Deltona lost power we only missed one day of school which means no going to school on the Fourth of July.
My house didn't get as flooded this time either which is a good thing. Only one horse's stall got flooded and it wasn't like an inch like it was in four stalls during Frances. And we didn't get any wind damge at all so that's good too. They say there is another hurricane forming off the coast off Africa but hopefully it will either stay there or go north like Karl and Lisa did.
On a happier note I am going to a horse show this weekend with my horse who I haven't been able to ride for like 9 months because she had a baby. I hope we are not too rusty and we get right back into the groove of things. After the show I might go to my friend Sarabeth's house and we can go trailriding with our other friend Jordan. There is lots of trails by her house so it will be fun to just relax and chill with my friends after all that's happened this past month.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Racket ball and stuff

Last week during Gym i was playing racket ball with a couple of friends. It was the first time I had ever played racket ball so I wasn't very good at it. And I'm sure it didn't help that we had like three different balls going at once. I also didn't have a racket to hit the balls with so I was having to use my hands. Needless to say I went home with a few bruises that day. I got hit in the head and twice in the leg, three times all together. I think i'll play again though.
Racket ball is a very fun game and i wish we could play it everyday in Gym. It's better than both basketball and volleyball combined! Other than racket ball everything in Gym stinks. I wish we could have horse back riding in gym, but i don't think that will ever happen so i'll just have to keep on wishing.
Speaking of horse back riding last Sunday me and my bestest friend in the entire world went on a trail ride. We have been getting a lot of rain so we had to go through a lot of big puddles. We went down this 4-wheeler trail and i went first and i took like one step into a puddle and a swarm of mosquitoes attacked my face. That is pretty much all that happened to me this past week.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


These past few weeks have been very hectic because of the hurricanes that have been pummeling us down here. First there was Charly which my dad wasn't here for so my mom and I were alone during a category 4 hurricane with 17 horse and 24 acres to take care of. After Charly, we didnt have power for 5 days and we couldn't get our generator going until like the second day so we were using rain water to give our horses water.
And then 3 weeks after Charly there was Frances. In my opinion a catergory 2 hurricane that stayed for 2 days, is worse then a category 4 that moves through in 45 minutes. After Frances we didn't have power for a whole week! But luckily we could get our generator going the same day. And we ahd so much water around our house. I sware walking out of my house was like looking at ocean front property.
And school, oh my gosh we were out of school for 7 days for Frances and for Charly we were out for 6. So it was 13 all together. We had to get rid of the early release days that we had and there were 5 days thatwe were gonna get to sleep in for 2 extra hours and those are gone! This will definitley be the most memorable year of school yet.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

New stuff

These past few days have been very hectic but I have learned a lot. I learned how to access fireworks and work in it effectivley. I have also learned about scavenger hunts and how to search for things on the web. I have improved my skills in most computer programs such as word and fireworks.

I have always had fun in this class but this year has succeeded my expectations. It has opened my eyes to new things and new programs I didn't even know existed. I know we are supposed to write three paragraphs but I can think of anything else to write. So i guess that's all for now.